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"Erica is very compassionate and went over and beyond to help me find answers." - A.C.

"It's an eye-opening experience. She is an expert in her field." - C.B.

"Very informative, easy to follow and understand. I feel more confident now in how to manage my meals." - R.H.

"I was overwhelmed by all of the information I found on the internet. Erica helped put all of the pieces together and took the guesswork out of planning my meals." - N.R.

"I don't like to cook and I never thought I could learn to put a healthy meal together. Erica taught me how I can create something healthy without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I am forever grateful." J.L.

"Erica was an outstanding professional and very pleasant to work with." - R.K.

"Erica is very knowledgeable about nutrition and how food affects our health and bodies. She taught me how to portion out food in preparation of my WLS. She helped me understand which foods would be best for my new stomach- both pre-op and post-op. Besides being very professional, Erica is very sweet. I'm truly grateful to my doctor and Erica for teaching me how to make good choices. I honestly attribute much of my success to Erica and would highly recommend her to anyone that is about to undergo this journey!!" - A.A.

"Thank you from the depths of my soul for your continued support and encouragement. It's been absolutely delightful meeting with you monthly and truly feeling like I am in a safe place with no judgement." - J.M.

"She is absolutely amazing! She's intelligent, caring, informative, sensitive and non-judging. Loved her! With this nutritionist great things can happen in so many ways!" - B.L.


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